Orsolya Lia Vető


“The models of my paintings are beings on the line between being live or inanimate, such as fruits or cut flowers. I wish to paint the posed still-lifes, to conserve their liveliness, their extreme beauty. However, regardless if I want to or not, I become the observer of how the nice smelling flower heads wilt, shrink, their petals start falling, or how the neon colored skin of a fruit becomes contaminated brown.

The most common persona of my paintings are currently flowers. In a bucket the flowers, grown in different soils, are placed into an artificial order. We are gifting each other with the luxury of nature. We see them as statues, spectacular object, hat we through away as soon as we realize that they, just like us, are bound by the laws of time and mortality.”

With my brush strokes I aim for highlight the liveliness, the organic movement, that my models presence feeds. Through the exaggeration the motifs tightly fill the surface, leaving their hierarchic order behind, the become abstract, pressing to each other, they make our spatial perception unsure.  Through the change of spectrum, the objects of my attention lose the outlies, their safe conceptions.  The zooming of my models on the one side, alienates, makes them strangers, however, at the same time bring them to a baffling, sensual closeness.   My composition transform into micro-jungles.


2012-2014 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Artist Teacher Training, Budapest
2012 Summer Semester, Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg, Master: Prof. Thomas Hartmann
2009-2014 HUFA, Painting Program, Budapest, Masters: János Kósa, Réka Nemere


2016 Plantscape, L Art Open Studios, Budapest
2015 Zoom In – Zoom Out, Exhibition of the ZimZum Group, Vármező Gallery, Budapest
2015 L Art Open Studios, Budapest
2015 Air!, PPCentre, Budapest
2015 Solo Exhibition, Ministry of Justice, Budapest
2015 Art Project: Hotel Rum x Art Forward, Hotel Rum, Budapest
2014 Winners of the 61st Vásárhely Autumn Exhibition, Art IX-XI Gallery, Budapest
2014 61st Vásárhely Autumn Exhibition, Alföldi Gallery, Hódmezővásárhely
2014 Best of Diploma, HUFA, Budapest
2013 YesJazz, Budapest Jazz Club, Budapest
2013 TSecrets – Exhibition with Veronika Sziráki, Ari Kupsus Studentgallery, Budapest
2013 Garnier-Olia Painters’ Prize Exhibition, PIM, Budapest
2013 Budapest Art Expo Fresh, ArtMill, Szentendre
2012 Light Violet, Fészek Gallery, Budapest
2012 Impressions, Csongrád Gallery, Csongrád
2012 End of Year Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Nürnberg
2011 Three Types- The Day of Hungarian Painting, Gallery 18, Budapest
2011 Solo Exhibition, Hybrid art&cafe – Polis Caffé Culturale, Budapest
2011 Everydays Laid Out – Exhibition with Adrienn Dorsánszki, Klassz Restaurant, Budapest
2011 The Family – The Week of Sacred Arts, FUGA, Budapest


2015 Conference of Hungarian Art Universities, painting department, 2nd place
2014 Award of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, 61st Vásárhely Autumn Exhibition
2014 60th years anniversary Pannoncolor, 1st prize
2011-2014 Amadeus-Fundamenta Small Art Scholarship
2011 Erasmus Scholarship