BOUNDRY-REALITY – 2016/05/27

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Where are we from? Who are we? Where are we heading to? – during a formal check-up at the border, a patrolling guard might well ask us these questions. Maybe we get confused first, but then we can answer with ease. There is however more uncertainty when we pose these questions to ourselves about our everyday life.

The exhibition features a selection of art works from students studying at the Moholy-Nagy Art School at the Media Institution, working in the Studio of Visual Studies. The course at MOME provides students with an education that helps them with developing their unique voice for expressing their ideas about questions like these. Some topics which were brought up during the course include transcendence, the force of nature, memory and the idea of boundaries.

The artists who were included in this project used a wide variety of mediums (in general photographs and film). The exhibition shows MOME as a leading institution in Hungarian design. It is an ambitious institution with students presenting relevant artworks already during their student years.

Curator: Fábián Noémi

The exhibition can be viewed for a limited time on the 27th of May from 18:30 until 22:00 o’clock.