Gantner Dániel & Tayler Patrick collective exhibition – 2016/09/03

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They devour the spoil and paint on. In the studio a drop of paint falls to the ground. Songs like Paper Planes, Lovely Day and Raspberry Beret are booming out of the faulty speakers. The clothes which were waiting during the night are moving around now. Patrick’s clothes are covered more with paint. Paint sticks to an arm and slides with the speed of a glacier under a fingernail. They paint, and get painted. They wash their brushes. The oily paint oozing out of the brush paints Birkás Ákos Heads on the soap with circular motion. Daniel and Patrick slowly put everything back to its place. The secret is the following: it’s impossible to disregard the searching gaze of the portraits, which (who?) are following the motion of the brush. It is impossible not to imagine the figures in front of the large standing canvases of red or blue. In another corner of the studio there is a bouquet and flowers crawling over every surface, be it flat or curved. This is Orsi’s territory. The two Tisza shoes are next to each other now. What happens with Daniel’s large red triangle when the lamp is turned off? Has anyone seen colours sleep before? Do paintings talk with each other, like people? Do they make friends with each other? Daniel, Patrick 2016. 08. 26., BP.

Opening: 2016. September 3. Saturday 17.00
The exhibition can by viewed: 1th of October 2016. with previous arrangements