Open Studios extra – KÉK PELIKÁN (BLUE PELIKAN) – 2015/12/04

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The Afternoon of Open Studios brings to you the BLUE PELIKAN

Presentation and screening of Csáki László‘s documentary-animation film’s animatik (first cut)

The Story:
The happenings unfold from the viewpoint of four narrators. The story is set shortly after the systematic changes in the Hungarian political system of ‘89 and shows the viewer a weird, obscure side of these turbulent times. Young people started to forge international train tickets on a very large scale, and this became an emblematic symbol of the type of soft forgery that was so typical of the era. These under the counter enterprises where based on the recognition of the fact that the international railway tickets, which were filled in with carbon paper, could be erased with household cleaning materials. After the tickets have dried and been pressed – filling them in with the sought destination was easy enough! The story is based on personal experience. Csáki László got to know the countries of Europe with the help of these washed tickets.

Kék Pelikán Trailer vimeo play

The characters:
The protagonists of the animated short film are real people. The discussion has been recorded after these friends met again after a long time and discussed the whole business of forging train tickets – how it started, how they perfected their technique. The viewer gets introduced to this complicated system through the vivid discussion, a solution which the characters thought of as an affordable alternative for free movement, travelling, – this was something that meant a real experience at the time for young people. The animation is built on a compilation of interviews, and is an end result of a two year process.

The Event:
The animated short film KÉK PELIKAN (BLUE PELICAN) is before finalisation. The aim in presenting the first cut (the animatik) is one the one hand simply presenting the film, but also gathering the audience’s observations and ideas, which might form the film’s end result, the construction and the dramaturgy. The film director and the makers of the film are counting on the critical viewpoint of the viewers. Before the screening the director will introduce the genre of the documentary-animation. He will also show earlier works of his and he will talk about the animatik and its form and purpose in film production.

The Director
Csáki László graduated from the Department of Visual Communication at MOME his speciality being video (today Media Intézet (Media Department), Department of Media Design.) He has made a large array of animated-, documentary- and short films. He has designed book covers and made a dozen of advertisement films. For many he will be familiar from his work with Szép Éva, the bacon mosaic titled Portrait of the Prime Minister. He is probably best known for his atmospheric chalk animation films and video clips. In 2013 he won the main prize of the Kecskemét Animation Film festival with his film My Name is Boffer Bings and in 2014 he received the prestigious Balázs Béla prize.

Director: Csáki László
Producers: Kázmér Miklós és Hidvégi Zoltán
Manufacturer: Umbrella Keratív Műhely
Time: 4th of December, 2015; 18.30