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Not only is L Art Open Studios (LAOS) a studio complex but also a perfect venue for exhibitions, LAOS is a lively and inspiring community space where the public can meet contemporary artists and get to know them. The studio complex which was founded in 2015 will not only house exhibitions, but also lectures and workshops on a large area of nearly 300 m2.
In the near future LAOS will launch a residency program to expand towards foreign artists. There will be two separate studio flats, available for artists participating in the studio juried residency programme.

We welcome you too!

Linda Bérczi and Tímea Molnár


Aperitif 2. – group exhibition – 2016/10/07

The survey of the art of the freshly graduated artist of the Academy of Fine Arts Hungary carries outstanding discoveries for the beholder every year. Painters, sculptors and graphic designers…

Gantner Dániel & Tayler Patrick collective exhibition – 2016/09/03

Daniel Gantner and Patrick Tayler are studio mates. They paint. While they hop off to the gas station for a sandwich, they discuss the ‘lack of red’ on one painting or the ‘surplus of arm length’ on another. …

Plantscape – Solo Exhibition / Vető Orsolya Lia – 2016/06/10

The works on display in this exhibition are connected to a type of objecthood, a relation to space. The two dimensional artworks are accompanied by objects which are varied both in format and medium.

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