Aperitif 2. – group exhibition – 2016/10/07

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The survey of the art of the freshly graduated artist of the Academy of Fine Arts Hungary carries outstanding discoveries for the beholder every year. Painters, sculptors and graphic designers are about to enter the international art scene. LAOS Exhibitions is encouraging this entry with “Aperitif” for the second time now. The group exhibition, of artists selected by independent curators, highlights the possible stars of the future, whose careers shall be paid attention to.

The word aperitif originates from ‘aperire’ as in ‘open’ which holds multiple meanings regarding the event and the venue as well. Opening symbolizes the career departure of young artists as they take their first steps as graduates, while concerning the venue it is the objective of becoming a fresh center of arts that provides young artists with the opportunity of introduction to the art scene.

Exhibiting artists: Balázs Mariann | Gwizdala Dáriusz | Hajdu Bence | Kristófy Dániel | Mészáros Bianka | Szalay Maya | Sztefanu Marina | Vidra Réka

Curator: Délia Vékony
Opening: 7th of October, Friday 6 pm

The exhibition is visitable until the 30th October